how much do setups cost you????

Realize the True Power of the Fourth

DSC0413 - Due to proprietary concerns part can not be shown.

Block, Manifold - 8 setups saved

Angle Part, Chuck Jaw - 3 setups saved

#23A Water Box - 4 setups savedBox

#19A High Precision Manifold - 6 setups saved

#021-9 Mounting Block - 4 setups saved

#017-7 Bracket - 8 setups saved

#11 Manifold - 2 setups saved

#6 Printing Press Comb - 4 precise angles done in 1 operation



Angle Part - CJ

23A- Water Box

19A-HP Manifold

021-9 Mounting Block

017-7 Bracket

#11- Manifold

#6 Press Comb


Set-Up Saver

How much to setups cost you?

Shop rate @ $75 per hour x number of setups

Fewer Setups Equals:

  • Increased Productivity
  • more spindle time
  • less scrap
  • batch processing
  • greater accuracy
  • allows multiple machine operation with 1 machinist
  • fewer employees/healthcare


Why Choose a Set-Up Saver

With a lower profile than quad systems you can drill or tap multiple holes in 3 dimensions without ever changing the setup! Mounts effortlessly to the Stallion Trunnion and can be used with 2, 4, or 6 vises. Shown here with the Jergens Ballocks.

  • Universal Fixture
  • Lower profile than quad systems with the same workholding ability
  • Great for small die cast parts
  • Custom or standard design available

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