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HA5C Trunnion with Brake

HA5C Faceplace



About Stallion Trunnions

MMS manufactures trunnion tables for any rotary table on the market today. Our standard size trunnions measure 5" x 12" up to 2' x 10'(yes foot), Custom Sizes are always available.

We manufacture our Stallion Trunnions to our customers individual specifications. No matter what your project challenges are. No matter what industry you’re in. You can count on a Stallion Trunnion to increase your bottom line. Contact us to discuss your businesses individual needs.

Note: For heavy off center milling and drilling we recommend our clamping outboard brake system providing 1500 to 3500 inch lbs of clamping torque.


Why Choose A HA5C Trunnion

Quadrupel the use of an HA5C with a 5 x 18 Trunnion table with built in Hydraulic brake

  • 6" center height outboard support
  • 2" Riser
  • Trunnion set up to be used on either an HA5C or HRT210 with correct bolt pattern for HRT210
  • Complete packages available with
    1. Subplates
    2. Vises
    3. Lathe chucks

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